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10 years Life and Death

Welcome to our 10 year anniversary! We’re celebrating the label’s decade milestone. Subscribe to our mailing list and stay up to date for new drops and releases.


A Message from Dj Tennis

The newly-minted website is a psychedelic portal into the Life and Death universe, from new releases, mixes, and podcasts, to one-of-a-kind merchandise, captivating video imagery, and explorative editorial pieces.

Over the last decade, Life and Death has evolved from a homegrown label focused on Italian talent into an international collective of artists and creatives. The website’s launch marks the imprint’s most extensive and comprehensive platform for promoting projects from Life and Death musicians and creators, while fostering connectivity within its local and global communities.

It’s been a very long journey to arrive at our 10 year anniversary, and we are launching the website to celebrate the paths we’ve created musically and artistically throughout this past decade.

Especially now during this global crisis, our Life and Death Passengers subscription is our way of connecting and interacting directly with our fans around the globe. We’re excited to expand our support of the artists and creators we’ve linked up with through our world travels and international events; our Store and Stories sections will amplify our support of the musicians, visual artists, fashion designers, and other creatives that we’ve collaborated alongside, all stemming from our shared love of the music.


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