BĘÃTFÓØT come to life in eccentric sci-fi inspired video for ???FUN???

BĘÃTFÓØT‘s enigmatic presence slaps full force in the brand new video for ‘???FUN???’, the second drop from their debut album released 17th September on Life and Death. Kaleidoscopic costume design shows the band’s animalistic alter-egos in this wild ride of flamboyant hedonism and mind-bending hallucinogenic sci-fi, shot by internationally acclaimed Tel Aviv studio and creative director powerhouse TRUE TWINS.

They said the sacrifice is worth it and you oughta break a sweat
but with every drop come down my face a gallon of regret
and to my friends i promised cool and to my folks i promised pride 
and to the state i promised loyalty in my stance and in my stride 

Don’t mind the rockets
If they fall just say ouch’
Yeah our white bodies move
But we never get hurt
And the voices are coming from inside the house
And if you close the windows then it just gonna get loud so tell me

How are we gonna have fun?

Drawing sonic references from a wide pool of influences ranging from The Prodigy to Icona Pop, ‘???FUN???’ enthusiastically melds the rasping rides of classic drum machines with an electro-pop synth workout to create a rapturous display of unadulterated energy, dripping with shapeshifting melody and catchy space-pop vocals from Adi Bronicki. The dizzying sound-design sends listeners into a warped entrancement as the rattling ensemble of  hi-hats and renegade kick drums descends upon the arrangement with frenzied intent. BĘÃTFÓØT come to life on this interdimensional slice of electro-punk… 

The band’s self-titled debut is set for release on Life and Death on 17th September – head to the link below to find the ‘???FUN???‘ single on all streaming platforms & pre-order the album: