BĘÃTFÓØT reveals highly-anticipated BĘÃTFÓØT Remixes EP

Out now across platforms

In late 2021, the punk-infused electronic poltergeists and big-beat acid trio, BĘÃTFÓØT, released their self-titled debut EP on Life and Death. Now, the trio unveils a remix EP titled BĘÃTFÓØT Remixes, which contains a selection of tracks from the 2021 album remixed by Gerd Janson, Or:la and Populous. These three distinctive personalities worked their magic to complement BĘÃTFÓØT’s post-punk-genre defying sound.

Gerd Janson, known for serving the hottest disco and house records, chose to remix “BLÓODFLØW,” BĘÃTFÓØT’s disco inspired cover of Smog (Bill Callahan)’s psychedelic folk song. Using driving percussive elements to create a distorted and alluring dance floor heater, Or:la brings her pensive and darker energy to “♛ KIŃG~TRÃSH ♛.” Udi Naor of BĘÃTFÓØT describes Populous’ remix of “☯ LĀŸF ☯” as a “a very fun queer track,” which perfectly reflects the values that are paramount to the BĘÃTFÓØT project and its community.

Udi Naor, drummer and founding member of electronic duo Red Axes, Adi Bronicki (who also fronts Israeli garage-punk-folk band Deaf Chonky) and ace of all trades guitarist Nimrod Goldfarb are the masterminds that make up BĘÃTFÓØT. Noar’s approach to music is genre-abolishing and he focuses on creating music he enjoys playing live and listening to. He’s driven towards sounds that pull from various rock/acid/techno/punk inspirations and pulsate with raw energy.

Udi Naor of BĘÃTFÓØT

Noar and Life and Death label head DJ Tennis are long-time collaborators that have bonded over their connections to punk values and drive for creating art. What connects BĘÃTFÓØT with these 3 collaborators is their commitment to the divine, creating musical experiences that move and transcend.

Listen to BĘÃTFÓØT Remixes here.