DJ Minx and DJ Holographic share their favorite Rakastella moments as we relive the magic in our Official After Movie

Rakastella was all about love – love for music, love for one another, love for exotic locations and for the unpredictable magic that occurs when good people dance to cultured sounds. Our sustainable oceanside festival returned to Virginia Key during Miami Art Week 2021 with performances from DJ Tennis, Dixon, Holographic, DJ Minx, Anfisa Letyago, Ash Lauryn, Avalon Emerson, Ben UFO, Eris Drew & Octo Octa, Jayda G, DJ Harvey and more.

We released the Official Rakastella After Movie to keep the celebration’s magic warm in our hearts.

Festival performers DJ Holographic and DJ Minx also shared their favorite moments, dream collaborations, and history with Life and Death:

DJ Holographic

Photo by @LVLVisuals

What was your favorite part of Rakastella?

I would have to say, mine was shopping. Also hanging out with the artists. Even though there were a lot of people there it was really intimate because I kept bumping into friends who were about to DJ, and we were all hanging out and kicking it while others were DJing. It was really cool. I also liked seeing friends who are performers who weren’t even at Rakastella, they were just at Miami Week. My cousin also came out, which was really fun. It was a family affair. To top it off was the Playground. It was really cool being on a playground while listening to all this dance music. It was so funky being on a dancefloor that was, like, me swinging on a playground.

Photo by @LVLVisuals

How did you first connect with Life and Death?

I don’t think I can answer this exactly. It was one of those moments that naturally just happened, as if it always has been there. DJ Tennis is such an open-hearted person, making friends with everyone he meets. Life and Death is the same energy. This is the best example I can give, and I don’t know if this is a Detroit thing or a small town thing, but it’s like when you’re playing with someone all your life and you think they’re your cousin, and then you realize they’re not even blood-related, but it doesn’t even matter at that point. You’re already family. Your kin. It was always there. Life and Death feels the same, something that was so natural to be a part of. It was destined to happen.

DJ Minx

Photo by @JAMIE.JAR

Which artist from the lineup would you love to collaborate with?

The artist I would love to collaborate with is Honey Dijon. She and I have a lot of the same flavor. I think it would be awesome!

What’s your favorite DJ Tennis story?

I was playing an event in Orlando for Insomniac, and he was scheduled to play after me. I  didn’t know that he was such a bundle of coolness! His smile lit up the whole stage! If I had anything negative going on that day, it certainly would have changed once I met him! Tennis gave me the biggest hug! I have done some work on his label (not yet released), but hadn’t met him before, so it was a pleasant surprise! 

Photo by @JAMIE.JAR

What was the best set you saw at Rakastella?

I would have to say that Ben UFO’s set was pretty f*ckin hot!