Expanding Matter Mix Series: Kino Todo

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Life and Death’s new Expanding Matter project is an event and mix series concept that  seeks out creatives who push sensory boundaries with different sounds and experiences. 

Today, the Expanding Matter mix series continues with Kino Todo, the rising Tel Aviv-based DJ/producer known for hypnotic bassline grooves and international influences. Exploring elements of UK and US trap, drill, grime and more in his productions, Kino Todo is the kind of genre-bending experimenter that Life and Death loves to platform.

We sat down with the “Gidafi Na” producer and Blue Shadow-member to chat about his Expanding Matter set. 

Where/how was this mix recorded and what is special about it for you?

I recorded this set in my studio with some friends and it was a really fun night, with a lot of fresh music! 

What do you aim to convey through your sets?

I think it depends when and where, but let’s say groovy and happy vibes mostly. 

One message you would like to let your fans know for 2023?

My debut album is out soon!!