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 â€œhow do shrooms make you feel 🍄” 

About Father Akki

Father Akki is a multi-disciplinary Artist who’s focus is on creating Art thru a multiverse inclusive of all disciplines… live painting, music, singing, music writing, poem writing and designing.

Based in LA, with Mexican descend and a head full of dreams, Father Akki is determined to conquer the world one Art Item at a time.

Dedicated to curating, transforming and editing garments, reinterpreting them and turning them into an outlet for his own visions and revelations. Often his poems are featured in his works, which act as an expression of his mind and self resilience.

His vision, simple… Moving from the California Desert to the City in the eternal pursuit of Creating Art that is unique to his character, inspired by his Aztec Ancestors and depicting the his own version of the world.

Father Akki Art Studio

Los Angeles, CA based Father Akki works at his Art Studio in DTLA, a space that takes you into his creative process and where he spends most of his time creating, with or without friends. The process is key as it elevates the dimensions of his skills, bringing thru it to life everything from a new Song, to your latest need now Garment.

Life and Death Welcomes Father Akki to the first of Collaboration. Featuring items that depict a universe full of dreams, nigh-tales and full of hope. With a vision of who we are but also of who we were and decided to leave the shadows behind.

Each Item is Hand Painted in Los Angeles by Father Akki. Directly from his mind to the fabrics. One of a kind, not two will ever be the same.

Hand Wash delicately, No Harsh Detergents. This Items are pieces of Art.

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