Michela Picchi Inside the mind of cross-disciplinary artist

Michela Picchi is an Italian cross-disciplinary artist who has designed some of Life and Death’s most iconic and recognizable cover art.

Michela is a true global artist; born in Rome and currently residing in Berlin, she moved to Hong Kong after studying both Political Science and Graphic Design. In Hong Kong she was able to explore, experiment and develop her own distinctive style, honing her strong vision that’s built upon her ability to work across a multitude of various artistic fields. Thanks to her remarkable color palette, her art dives into pop, surrealism and psychedelic tiger themes – her hallmark, vibrant twists and turns are unmistakable in her numerous recent exhibitions and murals, both public and private.

We chatted with Michela about her work, her contributions to the label, and asked her to curate a playlist of her favorite tunes.

How would you describe your artistic style?

It’s usually very strange for me to label my work, but if I had to think of an appropriate style, it would be psychedelic pop.

Where do you draw your creative inspiration from?

I believe that for me, it would not be possible to create without discovery, which is why all of my series are very often linked to a journey, or to new experiences.

How did you first connect with our team at Life and Death? Tell us about your most recent collaboration that’s launching this week.

I met Manfre many years ago in Berlin, while he was still living here, and of course as good Italians we immediately cooked together! From that moment on, a great friendship and collaboration was born that’s lasted until today.

From creating the first covers of Life and Death releases in black and white, to the latest ones in color, as well as the various Life and Death party flyers, and finally the visual identity for Rakastella 2019 – it has always been a dream of mine to design vinyl covers, and collaborate with great artists.

You’re in the studio working on your next project. What music are you listening to?

It depends a lot on the mood. Very often I need more introspective music while painting, other times I need a nice active boost and put my music at full volume. My selections range from Tool to TVAM, to the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Life and Death is turning 10, what would you like to wish us?

Another thousand years of amazing parties and crazy creative collaborations together!

A curated playlist by Michela Picchi for Life and Death