Italian beatmaker Mass Prod curates Life and Death sample pack 01 alongside Dj Tennis

Dj Tennis teamed up with his long-time friend and fellow Italian production force Mass Prod to create the first-ever Life and Death sample pack, available now on Bandcamp.

The sample pack was created as a joint effort virtually during quarantine, and is a blend of both futuristic and classic sounds recorded from iconic analog hardware and the latest news in the modular world. 

Mass Prod
Mass Prod has been involved in a variety of sound-related projects as a student, teacher and performer for the last 20 years.

Processed through state-of-the-art analog outboard and carefully-packed with the latest digital systems, the pack is ready to play in your favourite D.A.W. or sampler. Listen to the sample pack teaser here.

“Every sample is normalized at -3dB and they all start with positive phase, they are ready to be dropped and used in your favorite daw,” Dj Tennis says. “We made sure that every producer could access some rare and sought after sounds to flawlessly include in their productions.”

We caught up with Mass Prod to hear more about his friendship with Dj Tennis, his production methods, and his inspiration behind the sample pack.

“This sample library is the result of Manfredi and I sharing our passions for both forward thinking and classic sounds,” Mass Prod explains. “During quarantine, we started working on music together again, after almost twenty years since playing our first party together. This sample library is the results of two decades of restless sound explorations.”

How did you first meet and start working with Dj Tennis?

I met Manfredi back in 2004 in Milan. We were playing together at some underground parties called Small, at the legendary Plastic Club in Milan. There had been an instant musical connection, and we started playing together and hanging out a lot in the following years. It was a thrilling time, Italian’s club culture started to get really big. We shared a big passion for that point in music where bands sounded like electronica, and vice versa. We both came from a punk background so the connection was quick.

Where were you when you came up with the sounds for the sample pack?

We started talking about this project during quarantine. I was, and still am, in the countryside of Osimo, in the Central part of Italy, very close to our East Coast. It’s a very peaceful place, and it gave me the chance to look back on all of the sounds I’ve recorded during the last 20 years of studio sessions.

Influenced by composers and thinkers like Curtis Roads and Miller Puckette, Mass Prod’s interest has shifted to algorithmic and generative organization and concatenative synthesis of sounds.

What’s the inspiration behind this collection of sounds?

The inspiration is a blend between forward-thinking sounds and modern classics. Nowadays, sounds from the early electronica era of the ‘50s and ‘60s are living together with most contemporary digital algorithms, and all that’s in between – we like to use both kinds of sounds in our music.

We started cutting and recording from our collection, from contemporary modular synth to classic and rare vintage equipment, using both analog and digital equipment.

What’s your favorite way to mangle a sample?
i’m a punk, but also a tech guy. I love distortion, tapes and filters to shape the sound of my gears, but I always carefully check what I’ve done, analyzing the sample to then carefully clean what’s not needed, and to be sure that it’s going to fit well in not just my production environment, but also any production environment.

What advice do you have for producers who walk into the studio and want to make music, but nothing comes out?

Listen to music everyday, the language of music comes from music itself, as well as books about music. Follow the music, read the books! Read the manuals! Study your field.

There are lots of possibilities today, so audio production can be confusing. I have personally studied music for a long time, and I think that a good teacher can help you fill the gaps in your production method. Get a plan, if you don’t know what you are doing, you will never do what you want.

Mass Prod has been fascinated by electronic music from a very young age.


Mass Prod has released a variety of albums and EPs, as part of a musical group as well as through his solo project. He’s worked in recording studios and radios, produced and toured with bands, and DJed and performed live around the world. He’s also created sounds for interactive installations, multimedia experiences, art installations, video art and dance pieces. In the past few years, he’s been focusing on teaching audio production and sound design.