Watch Kapitan’s ‘In The Valley’ documentary, about the making of his new album

As one half of Red Axes, Dori Sadovnik could perhaps already stake a claim as one of the most prolific men in electronic music. Between endless studio work and touring, the Israeli duo have forged a sonically adventurous path that has always diverged across some much of the landscape of electronic music and the world’s finest clubs and festivals. This life, this “endless party”, was Sadnovik’s path for nearly a decade.

Then, everything stopped. This documentary short film by Dori and Gaia Weiss explores how the producer approached the challenge of making his forthcoming solo album as Kapitan during lockdown in 2020.

Named ‘30250’ because all the tracks are between 130 and 150 beats-per-minute, Kapitan’s forthcoming album is the first release on Parrot Cake, Life and Death’s new imprint for experimental rave and IDM-influenced sounds. The album is out on 09 July 2021 and available to pre-order now.