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Lacuna Studios Hand Dyed T-shirt with Silkscreen poem x Life and Death


Handmade in Belgium by Lacuna Studios in collaboration with Life and Death.

Not all garments are the same, color of the ink and placement of logo varies upon the Design team’s view.

The reinterpretation of life itself in one item. Bi-color hoodie with silkscreen print writings that challenge the status quo. Treated with organic dyes. Limited quantities available.

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Special limited-edition collaboration with Belgium’s Lacuna Studios, celebrating 10 years of Life and Death. Lacuna reinterprets the garments, changing its origin and form. Each piece is deconstructed, hand-sewn, hand-painted and tie dyed with love from Belgium. Some garments represented include Sam Taylor’s Life and Death logo design, some with words that question the status quo, and some purely graphic organic dyed.

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 2 cm
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