Seventy Days Of Déjà Vu by Whitesquare


Title: Seventy Days Of Déjà Vu

Artist: Whitesquare

Catno: LAD052

Formats: Digital Only

Release date: August 7th, 2020

Artwork Designed by Matteo Mugnai Palms Studio

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A year after Whitesquare debuted on Life And Death with his acclaimed Visual Distortion of Reality EP, the Rome-based artist is back with ‘Seventy Days of Déjà Vu’, an 80s-influenced ambient/synth mini-LP that was created over 70 days of lockdown. 

The last eight years have seen the Italian producer rise up through the ranks in his home city and onto the global stage thanks to the inescapable cosmic character he has brought to the house, techno and disco releases on various respected labels. Hard to pin down in the studio, he is just as open minded as a widescreen DJ, with his eclectic tastes now taking us on a different sort of trip. 

Opener ‘I’ve Been Here Before’ is four gentle minutes of future-retro synth work and slow motion drums to leave you in a trance. ‘Same Day, Different Day’ captures the ‘Groundhog Day’ essence of lockdown with slowly crawling bass and far-sighted chords that capture the feeling of endless day dreaming; and the cosmically soothing ‘Roma Deserta’ is lit up with twinkling, pixelated pads that paint a starry night sky. There’s a sense of optimism in the happy but muted chords of ‘Fase Due’ before brutal old school breakbeats take you into the next dimension. Last of all, ‘Memories of Tomorrow’ gets busy with lush arps, scale-riding chords and heavenly melodies that journey through the clouds. 

Once the world opens up once more and the clubs re-open, Whitesquare will return with more physical fare, but for now his own personal lockdown soundtrack will be ready to raise your spirits.