Sebra Cruz unveils debut album Don’t Worry Psy Happy

Out now across platforms

Today, veteran Italian DJ/producer Sebra Cruz unveils his debut album Don’t Worry Psy Happy on DJ Tennis’ revered Life & Death imprint. Daring and experimental, this elevent-track package perfectly encapsulates the Italian spirit.

Sebra Cruz – Don’t Worry Psy Happy

The LP comes off the backs of two previously released singles: “Margaret,” a deeply passionate and expressive melodic house offering that doubles as an ode to Cruz’ girlfriend, and the title track, a hedonistic, tripped out soundscape.

The lead track “Sunfish” is a melange of powerful synths overlaid with sporadic vocals and swinging breakbeats, making the record a perfect soundtrack for early morning dancefloor euphoria.

The album’s genreless sensibility continues with the cinematic, ambient leaning sonics “Optimist” and “Poliziesco,” the latter which includes Gabriele Fabbri’s atmospheric guitar riffs.

The Siebel Road To Mars” is a similarly powerful yet emotive record, sampling current Italian president Sergio Mattarella between its lush pianos and extraterrestrial sound palette. Cruz’ abstract experimentation and personal expression continues on tracks such as “Flying Junior,” which the producer named after his own sailboat in an attempt to emulate the peacefulness and tranquility of the sea.

Juxtaposed with the more calm and serene tracks are tracks such as “AltreCose,” which was inspired by the raucous energy of Neapolitan crowds during Cruz’ 90s DJing residencies. Similarly, “When Life Was Slow” (which was released on Life & Death back in 2020) is another upbeat dance interpretation and a tribute to Cruz’ passion for Italian composers from the 60s and 70s.

Speaking about the album, Cruz says, “What emerges is in my opinion an album with a predominantly Italian spirit – an album full of disco, house, and both edgy and gentle influences. I never decide what to do first, I simply follow my spur of the moment instinct. Releasing an album for Life & Death is cool because I’ve always had huge respect for Manfredi.”

Sebra Cruz and DJ Tennis have a long lasting and trusting collaborative relationship exhibited by the former’s numerous releases on Tennis’ Life & Death label. DJ Tennis’ encyclopedic musical brain and shared passion for Italian composers perfectly compliments Sebra’s stylings.

Striking an impeccable balance between abstract and obscure sonics and more methodical and conventional melodies, Don’t Worry Psy Happy is a body of work that exquisitely expresses Sebra Cruz’ personalty via different worlds and mediums.