Sebra Cruz unveils second single “Don’t Worry Psy Happy” from forthcoming album on Life and Death

On January 25, Life and Death released “Don’t Worry Psy Happy,” the second single to drop from Sebra Cruz’s forthcoming album of the same name. Characterized by cascade synth sequences, four analog monophonic oscillators alternating open gates, and driven by live bass guitar, the track is a homage to psychedelic disco without adhering to the classic blueprint.

Listeners got their first taste of Cruz’s highly anticipated album Don’t Worry Psy Happy with lead single “Margaret featuring DJ Tennis,” a track lovingly named after his girlfriend.

Having a passion for Italian composers of the 60s and 70s—Stelvio Capriani, Piero Picconi, Maurizio Vandelli, to name a few— Cruz samples classic Italian movie soundtracks composed by these musicians, while carefully maintaining the peaceful atmosphere that their psychedelic soundscapes evoke.

Creating a long-established and collaborative relationship with DJ Tennis, Sebra Cruz has released numerous tracks on Life and Death. Sharing Cruz’s love for classic Italian cinematic samples, DJ Tennis’ musical abilities skillfully complemented the single.